Since 1980, we’ve helped develop local talents and promote them into major markets in the industry. We've promoted artists to major labels such as Electra Records, MCA, Warner Bros., and Capitol Records. We've also helped develop artists such as Special Generation, JJ Johnson, Tina Novak, Vanessa Q, No Kin, Act III, and now, Sierra Amora' and The Sounds of Soul.

R&S Records, Inc specializes in finding the fresh voices and sounds out there. We book our artists in venues and special events while working closely with distributors to build up and accelerate artists’ careers. So, look out for the new world artists from R&S Records, Inc.

We Discover, Develop, and Manage Amazing Talents

R&S Records, Inc works hard in finding fresh local talents who are eager to pursue a career in the music industry. Our agency strives to help our artists develop their public persona and get them ready for the world of entertainment.